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Angela Inglis

Replied on Tri Dosha Hatha

Feb 27 at 07:50 AM

So glad you found it helpful Tara L Cook!



Feb 04 at 08:40 AM

Your Yoga Flow teacher, Gilbert, returns to talk about navigating a career path as a yoga teacher, which can be unclear. Drawing on the advice and examples of other teachers can be a helpful tool.

Gilbert shares how his own path as a full-time yoga teacher has taken shape, the ways he's adapted and evolved over the years, and what balance in his work life currently looks like.

If you're new to teaching yoga or have been teaching for a while and are feeling stuck, this episode is filled with tips and pearls of wisdom.

Listen now!

Replied on Tri Dosha Hatha

Jan 27 at 06:23 AM

So glad it provided the nourishment needed! ☺️🧡


Jan 20 at 06:52 AM

Louisa Harris I forget about these simple practices, sometimes, and I'm always amazed at how effective they are, when I finally get back to them!



Jan 01 at 11:14 AM

The perfect Podcast Episode to start off a New Year!
Dr. Wishloff is a sought after consultant for elite athletes and everyday people with injuries. She is the Lead Therapist for Sailing Canada, Medical Staff for the Canadian Olympic Team, The Canadian Powerlifting Federation, and The Toronto Golf Club. She is an International Presenter, a former instructor with Active Release Techniques, a Published Academic, and her TikTok page has been featured on the Doctor Oz Show.

Dr. Wishloff & Mark discuss common injuries a yoga teacher might see in class, navigating a yoga practice with injuries, how to create a sustainable movement practice, and much much more! This episode is filled with gems of wisdom for anyone struggling with chronic pain and those looking to enhance their movement journey.

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Dec 18 at 10:55 AM

On this NEW episode of the podcast, Sharon & Juan chat about incorporating anatomy into a yoga class, body literacy, injury prevention, and much more!
Listen now:

Sharon is an Australian Personal Trainer, Yoga Educator, author and Fitness Manager of Australia's largest fitness facility. Sharon is currently studying a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology to complement her Yoga School, combining her skillset and passion for teaching yoga classes and facilitating yoga retreats.

Replied on Hatha Foundations 1

Dec 15 at 01:22 PM

So glad you enjoyed it, Diane!



Dec 02 at 10:54 AM

New Podcast Episode!
Salla is an integral part of the team here at Your Yoga Flow and you can enjoy some wonderful practices with her on the Your Yoga Flow Online Class Platform.

We talked to Salla about the stages and phases of being a yoga teacher. Salla shares the highlights, the challenges, and the tools she has collected along to way to find balance in her life as a practitioner & teacher of yoga. For anyone on - or beginning to explore - the path of teaching yoga this is an essential listen!

Nov 11 at 02:01 PM

Wai-Ling, thank you for the kind feedback! I'm so glad it was a good one for you :)


Nov 04 at 02:15 PM

Sandra Genua thanks for the feedback! I'm so glad the class was helpful :) One's Ayurvedic constitution (Prakruti) remains the same throughout life, but one's Present State (Vikruti) is a relative state of imbalance, so it's always in flux. This may make one appear/feel as though some qualities are more amplified or subdued, at times. Ultimately, Ayurvedic therapies help us recover health by moving from Vikruti (imbalanced state) back to Prakruti (our balanced nature).